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by Nafissa Thompson-Spires by Nafissa Thompson-Spires Calling to mind the best works of Paul Beatty and Junot Díaz, this collection of moving, timely, and darkly funny stories examines the concept of black identity in this so-called post-racial era.A stunning new talent in literary fiction, Nafissa Thompson-Spires grapples with black identity and the

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by Christina Lauren by Christina Lauren Love, loss, friendship, and the betrayals of the past all collide in this first women’s fiction novel from New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Christina Lauren (Autoboyography, Dating You / Hating You).The story of the heart can never be unwritten. Macy Sorensen is settling

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by Janine Armin, Nathaniel G. Moore by Janine Armin, Nathaniel G. Moore A multicultural nexus, Toronto hosts Indian, Portuguese, African, Italian, and Chinese communities that provide fertile backdrops forToronto Noir‘s corrosive exposés. Features brand-new stories by: RM Vaughan, Nathan Sellyn, Ibi Kaslik, Peter Robinson, Heather Birrell, Sean Dixon, Raywat Deonandad, Christine Murray,