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Read Chaser (Dive Bar, #3) Books PDF

by Kylie Scott by Kylie Scott The third highly anticipated novel in the sexy Dive Bar series from New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott!Love isn’t always NEAT…Bartender and all round bad boy, Eric Collins, has come to a crossroads. It’s time to take life seriously and maybe even attempt to settle

Read You Think It, I’ll Say It Books PDF

by Curtis Sittenfeld by Curtis Sittenfeld “Every bit as smart, sensitive, funny, and genuine as her phenomenally popular novels,”* a dazzling collection from the New York Times bestselling author of Prep, American Wife, and EligibleReese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick!A suburban mother of two fantasizes about the downfall of an old friend whose wholesome lifestyle empire may

Read My Dear Hamilton: A Novel Of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton Books PDF

by Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie by Stephanie Dray, Laura Kamoie “Not since I read Erik Larson’s Dead Wake have I had such an edge-of-my-seat immersion into historical events. […] No study of Alexander Hamilton would be complete without reading this book.”–Karen White, New York Times bestselling authorFrom the New York Times bestselling authors

Read Come As You Are Books PDF

by Emily Nagoski by Emily Nagoski ***A NEW YORK TIMES BESTELLER*** An essential exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works—based on groundbreaking research and brain science—that will radically transform your sex life into one filled with confidence and joy.Researchers have spent the last decade trying to develop a “pink pill” for

Read Other People’s Houses Books PDF

by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock “Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock’s Alaska is beautiful and wholly unfamiliar…. A thrilling, arresting debut.” –Gayle Forman, New York Times bestselling author of If I Stay and I Was Here “[A] singular debut. . . . [Hitchcock] weav[es] the alternating voices of four young people into a seamless and

Read Son Of The Dawn (Ghosts Of The Shadow Market, #1) Books PDF

by Cassandra Clare by Cassandra Clare The first installment of Cassandra Clare’s bestselling urban fantasy series, The Mortal Instruments, is adapted into a graphic novel series! Hanging out with her best friend, Simon, is just about the most exciting thing in Clary’s life…that is, until she realizes there are people only she